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HIPAA Compliant Medical Records Scanning Services | Patient Chart Scanning


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National Scanning offers secure nationwide EMR-Compatible HIPAA compliant medical records and patient chart scanning services.

We understand that you need a scanning service that is cost effective without sacrificing quality, service, or the privacy of your patients.

All health records are processed by our specially trained staff in our secure facilities or scanned on-site at your office.

Our patient chart scanning services include:

  • Nationwide Pack & Purge
  • Removing staples and clips from your charts
  • High speed chart scanning & file naming
  • Files segmented to match your EMR and current filing system
  • EMR migration & import services
  • Output charts to CD or DVD
  • Secure shredding, health records storage, or return of your files
  • HIPAA compliant chain of custody & 100% quality guarantee

Cost, understandably, plays a crucial role in the decision to have a paper chart collection scanned.  Our team will work with you to calculate total costs and help determine if outsourcing the scanning of your patient charts is best for your practice. 

From free project financing to "scan on demand" and bulk scanning prices, we offer numerous options to help defray the cost.

Questions? Contact us today for a risk free consultation and a free quote



Why Scan my Paper Charts?

Physicians are required by law to maintain a medical record for each patient that completely and accurately documents the person's evaluation and treatment.  All records for must be maintained for 10 years - Obstetrical and minor patient records must be held for 10 years or until the patient is 20 1/2 - whichever is longer.

The failure to maintain a record for each patient constitutes professional misconduct, which could endanger a physicians license to practice medicine.  Further, a missing clinical record (or portion thereof) may have serious consequences on your ability to defend yourself in a malpractice suit.  If you can't produce the records, your version of the events will be suspect.

Hiring temporary staff and buying your own equipment may seem slightly less expensive that scanning services, but the risks associated with inadequate quality control and lack of experience quickly offset the savings.

National Scanning guarantees 100% quality on all records, and will work with your practice to audit the final file collection and ensure that each record id properly preserved.

Read our guest post on EMR and HIPAA

Bulk Archive Chart Scanning Service

National Scanning offers a basic level of service that is cost competitive with storage of paper charts in boxes. This level of service still comes with our industry leading 100% quality guarantee, and is great for purging charts for inactive patients. Ask us today about our bulk chart conversion services.

HIPAA and Security of Patient Charts

The security of your files and privacy of patient health information is not just good customer service, it is the law. National Scanning meets or exceeds all industry standards for record tracking and security. During scanning, your files will be logged, barcoded, and kept under 24 hour surveillance. Once scanned, they will be kept in a secure area until either returned to you or securely shredded.

Contact us today for a risk free consultation and a free copy of our exclusive guide "Roadmap For A Paperless Practice"

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